Your homepage is the most important page on your website.

More often than not, it is the first (and sometimes only) page your potential customers see. Even if you’re getting new leads through specific landing pages, most of them will check out your homepage before making a decision to buy your product or talk to your sales team.

Your homepage is your chance to shine. It is where you get to tell your startup’s story to your target market in its most compelling, persuasive form. When you do it right, your potential customers will sign up for your product or enter your sales process already eager and well-informed, instead of hesitant and confused.

But if your homepage is anything like those of many (most?) startups, it’s in dire need of some love and attention. As you may have seen in my in-depth homepage tear-downs of Slack, Mixpanel, and HubSpot, this is true for even remarkably successful companies with great products and eight- or nine-figure valuations to boot.

Why is this the case?

To be honest, I’m not completely sure.

Maybe the people who run startups think that a homepage re-write has to be a huge, painful process that must always take months if it’s going to get meaningful results. While this certainly is sometimes the case, there are often some substantial quick wins just waiting to be uncovered.

This is because most startup homepages seem to make the same critical copywriting and product marketing mistake: they focus on what the product is and how it works, instead of the awesome results it delivers for the people who use it.

Fortunately, you can deal with this mistake remarkably quickly. Indeed, it’s possible to dramatically up-level your homepage copy AND set up a test to measure the results in a matter of minutes.

The key? Simply re-orient the copy to emphasize benefits and results, instead of features.

I call it “Dan Kaplan’s 10 Minute Homepage Re-write Technique.” All you need to get started is a basic understanding of your own product’s benefits and an Optimizely account.

Watch this video see exactly how it works, using Intercom’s homepage as an example:




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