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Product Marketing Paradigms Need an Update?

Insightful essays about go-to-market strategy in the era of generative AI, spatial computing, and planetary consciousness.

Full Funnel Flywheels and The Business Model After Search: Why Google Wanted To Acquire HubSpot

With Generative AI, HubSpot’s unique position has the potential to evolve from an interesting business into a transformative company. ....
Go-To-Market Strategy

Telepathy Is A Logical Evolutionary Step For The Human Species

Whether or not it fosters well-being and happiness is a separate question. ....

The Real Reason Twitter/X is Struggling To Grow

The seeds of Twitter's stagnation were planted the day Dick Costolo decided that Twitter was in the advertising business. ....

There’s No API For Crossing The Chasm

How the market focus and culture that helped Twilio reach significant heights can transform from assets into liabilities…and what to do about it. ....
Go-To-Market Strategy

How Blue River Sold A Lettuce Thinning Robot To Farmers Before The Robot Existed

Years ahead of a $350M acquisition by John Deere, Blue River used Lean Startup to sell a lettuce-thinning robot to farmers...before the robot even existed. ....
Go-To-Market Strategy

Underdeveloped Product Marketing (not Poorly-Executed PR) Is Why Google Glass Failed

It wasn't a bad product. Nor was itan issue of badly-executed PR. It was the wrong go-to-market strategy that broke Google Glass. ....