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Alicianne Rand VP Marketing, NewsCred

"I'm pretty much obsessed with your email course. I sent it to my team. Then, I sent it to my entire company. I get excited to see this email in my inbox and that is not something I ever say."

I started my growth consultancy because I kept seeing startups make the same product marketing mistakes.

I'd see these mistakes all the time on the websites, email campaigns, and on-boarding experiences of even high-flying startups that had raised tens of millions of dollars from top-notch investors: every word, every video, and every email focused on the product and its features.

Sometimes, the writing would be full of confusing terms that only the team who built the product could understand. Other times, the writing would be clever, but not particularly clear. I wondered why. So I started digging.

​Well, it turns out that even remarkable, high-growth companies (like Slack, HubSpot, and Mixpanel) struggle to explain the fundamental value of their product in compelling, persuasive terms that their target market understands.

This is why I wrote this free, 5-day email course: I love startups. I love entrepreneurs. I want to see more of you succeed.

Here's What You'll Learn In This Free 
5-Day Course On Growth Marketing:

I've written this course to help you build a foundation for sustainable growth. Each email is as compact as I could make it, and will take about 5 minutes to read.

  1. Why Do Some Products Grow? The first email explores why some great products grow like magic beanstalks while others struggle for traction.
  2. 3 Myths That Will Stifle Your Growth: Even venture-backed startups that have raised tens of millions of dollars buy into these myths and damage their prospects as a result.
  3. The Foundation Of Sustainable Growth: This email digs into the principles that set the startups that grow fast apart from those that grow slowly.
  4. How To Set The Stage For Growth: We'll build on the foundation we explored in email #3 and I'll explain why the language you use to describe your product can make or break you.
  5. Score A Quick Growth Win In 15 Minutes: In the final email in the course, I'll show you how to take what you've learned and use it to score a quick win that will pay dividends every single day.

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