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At Threadling, we combine crisp, compelling writing and storytelling with automated marketing campaigns to help startups get both the customers and talent they need.

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"Crucial to your startup's success"

"Dan has the rare ability to look at your product roadmap and the competitive landscape and to position your company where it needs to be. I can't emphasize enough how crucial Dan's skills can be to your startup's success."

Elise ACkerman Content Marketing, Twilio

Crafting A Compelling Story About Your Startup And Product Is Crazy Hard. It Has To Be Remarkable.

This is where I come in....

Hello there. My name is Dan Kaplan. I started my career as a long-form magazine journalist, getting paid cash money to write 3,500-10,000 word stories on some pretty nifty things.

I was busy dreaming of The Atlantic and The New Yorker when I realized that the business models supporting the kind of writing I loved to create were facing extinction.

After abandoning my magazine dreams and struggling for a couple years to find a new path, I re-discovered my voice in technology marketing. Since then, I've worked for Salesforce, Twilio, and Asana. 

Now, along with writing a column for TechCrunch, I help startups grow like magic beanstalks by telling their stories in ways that inspire and convert customers AND potential recruits.

This means I get into your audiences' heads, understand their needs, and tell your story to them in compelling, persuasive language that they understand. 

In practice, this means I re-write your website to maximize qualified signups. It means I write and implement automated email campaigns to educate and nurture these signups until they can't wait to buy your product or join your team.

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I wrote both because I love to see entrepreneurs succeed.​

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"Maximizes conversion rates."

"Dan Kaplan has a natural talent for creating websites that focus visitors on what's important and maximizing conversion rates."

Fergus Griffin EVP Marketing,

"Pretty much obsessed with this course"

"I'm pretty much obsessed with your email course. I sent it to my team. Then, I sent it to my entire company. I get excited to see this email in my inbox and that is not something I ever say."

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"Awesome emails. Actionable tactics. No BS"

"This was an awesome email course. Clarity in your writing, actionable tactics, and no BS."

Ryan Gum CEO, Attach

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