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Hello, I'm Dan Kaplan. I've helped companies like Twilio, Asana, Jasper Wireless, and Salesforce tell remarkable stories and double their conversions. If you need a story that inspires your target audience, outstanding copy that converts them, and automated email campaigns that close the deal, you've come to the right place.

Dan Kaplan, Storyteller and Growth Marketer In Charge
  • Get inside your customers' heads

    Before you can tell the story that fuels your startup’s growth, you have to empathize with your target customers and dig into their hopes, fears, and dreams. Learn how to jumpstart this process.

  • Avoid the storytelling mistake that will stifle your growth

    This mistake is so easy to make that the majority of startups (even good ones) continue to make it. Want to know what it is? You’ll want to read this course.

  • Create remarkable content that brings your ideal customers to your door in droves

    Crafting outstanding content for your target audience is the single most powerful way to grow your qualified traffic. Make sure it’s the right kind of remarkable.

I’m pretty much obsessed with this email course. I sent it to my team. Then, I sent it to my entire company. I get excited to see this email in my inbox and that is not something I ever say.

Alicianne Rand — VP Marketing

This was an awesome email course: Clarity in your writing, actionable tactics, and no BS.

Ryan Gum — CEO
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