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"After working with Dan, our sales are up...166% month over month.

Three big things happened after we worked with Dan:. 1) Our sales are way up. Now 166% month over month growth. 2) We have customers that are self-service converting, just from reading the site. That's huge! About 1 in 5 are purchasing Framed without ever speaking to a sales person. This did not happen before Dan's revamp. 3) We receive quite a bit of feedback on demo calls where people say "I've read the site and I get it." This also never happened prior to Dan's revamp.

Zac Auger Head Of Sales, Framed

"In the course of working with Dan, we increased sales 150%.

In the course of working with Dan, we increased sales by 150%. This allowed us to start using paid acquisition channels that were previously not profitable. This was a BIG win, and we continue to use the building blocks that Dan created for us.

Gautam Tambay Co-Founder, Springboard

"Pretty much obsessed with this course"

"I'm pretty much obsessed with your email course. I sent it to my team. Then, I sent it to my entire company. I get excited to see this email in my inbox and that is not something I ever say."

Alicianne Rand VP Marketing, NewsCred

"Awesome emails. Actionable tactics. No BS"

"This was an awesome email course. Clarity in your writing, actionable tactics, and no BS."

Ryan Gum CEO, Attach

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