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I need more growth!

Discover the path to sustainable growth for your startup!

27357b6be6d4-StoytellingIf you have a product that's not growing as fast as you know it could, sign up for my free, five-part email course and learn:

  • The 3 deadly myths that will stifle your growth (and how to avoid them)
  • Why the language you use to describe your product will make or break you
  • How to create the foundation for sustainable growth
  • How to build the first parts of a customer-making machine

You have a great product, and you want it to grow as fast as you know it could.

I need more talent!

Learn how to attract, inspire, and close the talent you need to succeed.

ss-recruiting-bootstrappedEven though a lot of people don't realize it, recruiting the talent your startup needs to execute is a marketing and sales problem.

Sign up for my upcoming free 5-part course on talent marketing and learn how to:

  • Attract extraordinary talent in a fiercely competitive market
  • Articulate a story about your company that inspires and converts them
  • Make your job descriptions remarkable
  • Maximize the reach of your job postings
  • Create content that keeps your ideal candidates engaged

You need to attract and close more talent that meets your hiring bar.

What is Threadling?

Threadling is a startup growth consultancy from marketer, Dan Kaplan (columnist for TechCrunch, formerly of Twilio, Salesforce, Asana). We help tech startup founders craft stories, create content, and build funnels that attract and close dramatically more customers and top-notch recruits.

Our work ensures you have both the user growth and the professional team you need to execute, freeing you to focus on what you do best: shaping product, driving biz-dev, building partnerships, and making your startup a success.

What previous clients have to say

Dan has the rare ability to look at your product roadmap and the competitive landscape and to position your company where it needs to be. I can't emphasize enough how crucial Dan's skills can be to a startup's success.

Elise Ackerman
Elise Ackerman Twilio

Dan Kaplan has a natural talent for creating modern websites that focus visitors on what's important and maximize conversion rates.

Fergus Griffin
Fergus Griffin

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