Every single day, your weak homepage is
losing customers and costing you cash.

You know you have a great product, but why isn't it growing as fast as it could?

If your product addresses a meaningful need for your customers, you're on solid ground. Now you just need to craft a story that inspires your target audience, write brilliant copy that converts them, and deliver automated email campaigns that close the deal. Need some help? This is what I do.

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You've Built A Product That Solves A Meaningful Problem For A Significant Number of People, But...

...for all the work you and your team have put into creating something great, customers aren't rushing in as fast as they could.

Sure, the problem may be your product itself, but assuming you've got people paying for it and coming back to it day-after-day, you've got something, right?

You know there are people who need what you've built.

But if your product is good, why are only a handful of the people who come to your website signing up? And why are so few of THOSE people giving it more than a single try?

Why, for all the effort you've put into making your product work, hasn't it swept through your target market like a whirlwind of awesome?

The Story You're Telling
Is Selling Your Startup Short

By your story, I don’t just mean the stuff you tell the press.

I'm talking about the whole package: your target market, your positioning, and the messages you craft to help people understand what you've built. 

I'm talking about the language you use on your website and inside your product. I'm talking about the videos you create and the marketing emails you send.

I'm talking about everything you are doing (or not) to persuade the people who NEED your product that you've got what they want, right now.

If You're Like Most Startups, Your Homepage 
Looks A Lot Like All The Others

Does your homepage look a bit like this?

Indeed, your whole website goes on and on about what your product is and what it does while offering minimal context about why your potential customers should care.

You want people to give you their credit card upfront to start a trial. You want them to install your code into their websites or apps. You want them to hand you the email addresses of the other people on their teams.

You’re demanding all these things from your visitors long before they have begun to understand your value, and long before you’ve established even a smidgen of trust.

Given all this, is it any wonder that your conversion rate isn’t great, and that the majority of the people you do convince to sign up run away before they’ve even given the product the ol’ college try?

That Conventional, Short-Form Homepage
Isn't Closing The Deal...

It's a tease.

It’s putting 95% of the burden on your on-boarding experience, your lifecycle emails, and your sales team, and that's asking a lot.

No matter how pretty it is to look at, is your homepage:

  • Getting to the root of your customers' motivations?

    Are you offering your potential customers what they desire from their work or life? Do you understand their problems? Their struggles? Their needs?

  • Speaking to those motivations in simple, precise, and utterly compelling language?

    Are you writing copy that speaks directly to those desires? That shows them you that you understand? That you FEEL THEIR PAIN?

  • Connecting those motivations to a persuasive story that sells your product?

    Are you showing your potential customers exactly how your product will help, and how it fits into their lives?

If your homepage is like the homepage of most startups I see, I’d be willing to wager that it is not.

If Your Product Is Worth The Code It’s Built On,
You Can Do Much Better Than That

Sure, it’s possible that in a couple of days, you could tweak your website copy to focus more on the benefits of your product, and less on the product, itself, but doing this is likely to create a local maximum. You will boost your conversions by 10-20% and think you’ve nailed it.

While it’s true that riding a 20% bump feels pleasant, it’s nowhere near as awesome as a 250% leap.

But writing a website that boosts your conversions by up to 250% takes legwork.

You’ll have to put yourself into your customers' shoes, articulate your positioning, and craft a story that persuades them beyond doubt that you've got what they want, right now.

This means surveys. It means interviews. It means going out in the world to talk to the flesh-and-blood people that use your product day-in and day-out. It also means asking yourself hard questions about your product and your market, and facing challenging answers with an open mind.

But if you dedicate the effort necessary to understand your market, that 250% boost will be just the first step in turning your marketing effort into a beautiful, customer-creating machine.

Dan Kaplan has a natural talent for creating modern websites that focus visitors on what's important and maximize conversion rates.

Fergus Griffin — SVP Marketing, Salesforce.com

To Do Your Product Justice (And Boost Your Conversions By 250%), You Need A Long-Form Page

Savvy affiliate marketers and people selling informational products like ebooks and online courses have known this for years: a great long-form page will beat a short-form page almost every single time.

Why should your software be any different?

When you are selling software to businesses, you are asking a lot more than just “hey, just try out my app.”

You are asking your visitors to invest their and their teams’ time and energy in understanding your product, configuring it to meet their needs, and making it work.

If you are a startup, this an especially significant request: your visitors probably know relatively little about you, and your current homepage isn’t making your product any easier for them to understand.

Instead of speaking about your product and its features in broad or vague terms, what if your homepage told a compelling story about how your product helps the people who use it succeed?

For starters:

  • You’d have a clear, in-depth story that anyone in your target market (and on your team) would understand.

    Your explanations about your product wouldn’t be convoluted or hard to articulate. Your customers would get it, and your team would have a clear mission to get behind.

  • You’d sell more software

    The questions about what your product is, what it does, and why it matters would be answered, once and for all. Your conversion rate would skyrocket. Paying customers would beat down your door.

  • Your startup would be positioned to grow like mad

    With a deeply-considered story that got inside the heads of your audience and spoke in compelling terms to their hopes, fears, and dreams, you’d have a rock-solid foundation for growth.

But Long-Form Homepages Are Really Hard.
They Have To Be Brilliant.

This is where I come in.

Hi, my name is Dan Kaplan. I started my career as a long-form magazine journalist, getting paid cash money to write 3500-10,000 word stories on some pretty nifty things. I was busy dreaming of The Atlantic and The New Yorker when, in 2006, I realized that the business models supporting the kind of writing I loved to create were facing extinction.

After abandoning my magazine dreams and struggling for a couple years to find a new path, I re-discovered my voice in technology marketing. Since then, I've worked for Salesforce, Twilio, and Asana.

Now, I help startups grow like crazy by telling their stories in ways that inspire, acquire, and convert customers. This means I get into your customers' heads, understand their needs, and tell your story to them in utterly-compelling language.

It means I re-write your homepage to maximize qualified signups. It means I design email campaigns to educate and nurture these signups until they're eager to buy.

It means I position your startup for meaningful, lasting growth.

If a compelling story, a high-converting website, and more growth sound like things you could use, click here and send me an email.

But if you want to do it all yourself, read on...

Dan has the rare ability to look at your product roadmap and the competitive landscape and to position your company where it needs to be. I can't emphasize enough how crucial Dan's skills can be to a startup's success.

Elise Ackerman — Content Marketing, Twilio

If You Want To Do It Yourself, I've Written 
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I’m pretty much obsessed with this email course. I sent it to my team. Then, I sent it to my entire company. I get excited to see this email in my inbox and that is not something I ever say.

Ryan Gum — CEO, Flow

This was an awesome email: Clarity in your writing, actionable tactics, and no BS

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  • Create content that brings the right people to your door
  • Tell your story to convert them once they arrive
  • Overcome your on-boarding hurdles
  • Tap into the tremendous, unexpected magic of long-form marketing
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